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 Were-wolf Pack of Avaren

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PostSubject: Were-wolf Pack of Avaren   Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:44 am

This is my characters return trip to the elders considering things got a little out of control in Eldain Very Happy
The trip up the mountain range of Avaren was a long and strenuous one. My wolf form would have easily made the trip in a day or two but after the incident at Eldain I did not trust it any more so I walked on my own two legs. The barely visible path twisted and turned in every direction. It was suppose to be barely visible so only werewolves can find it. Every tenth or so tree was marked with the mark of on an alpha who also turned out to be my dad.
My mom was a very talented elf who had many skills in magic, swords play and being an assassin. She is also the reason why I became a teacher at the academy.
The trail came to a point were it wasn't even visible to the human eye. I sighed and knew this was the time to turn back into the wolf. I knelt on one knee and placed both hands on the ground. I instantly shifted into a wolf. The shift is relatively painless and instant but that's only because I've trained with elders and I'm the alphas daughter. In some cases it takes young wolves hours of pain and suffering just to get through the first shift. But for me it just itches a lot when I'm done. I gave a shake and found that I was still in control. Maybe this trip wasn't going to be so bad after all. I kept my pace at a light trot until I reached a clearing with a large rock in the middle. I settled on the rock for tonight. Tomorrow I would finish the journey up the mountain and finally reach the Packs hideout. In a few short minuets I fell asleep.
I'm sorry I couldn't finish this role play in one sitting Razz

Ebrithal :Alysia Luethje
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Were-wolf Pack of Avaren
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