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 Homework Part 3- Dwarf Dragon

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PostSubject: Homework Part 3- Dwarf Dragon    Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:42 am

I really am sorry for the late lesson this evening but i spent the entire afternoon shopping Razz anyway if you haven't figured out already today's lesson involves the very tiny but mighty (I wonder if anyone would get that reference) dwarf dragon. The size and general body shape of this tiny dragon is 6 inches to 1 foot long. The colouration of the dwarf is bright blue with paler under parts. Its food can consist of anything as long as they have the right amount of dragons in its 'swarm' to take it down.Its call consists of a high pitched screech to summon other members of the 'swarm'. For forms of attack it bites and nips sometimes using a tiny jet of flame. It lives in huge pine forests. Now these are all usually common facts about the dwarf dragon but did you know that smugglers in colder regions use them as mini furnaces to keep then warm under their thick coats. Now as always write notes and study because tomorrow is the last day before the first quiz on the first three dragons. Also tomorrow I'm going to take you guys out to where we keep the dragons and show how to care for each one appropriately. For the quiz you may use your notes that you have taken but be warned you may not use the notes for the larger test. Here is a picture of the dwarf dragon.

Ebrithal :Alysia Luethje
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Ruby Aisyana


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PostSubject: Re: Homework Part 3- Dwarf Dragon    Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:31 pm

I woulnt mind having one!

It didnt tell me there was a new post! I saw it by myself!
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Homework Part 3- Dwarf Dragon
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