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 The Beginner's Guide That Won't Teach You Anything

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PostSubject: The Beginner's Guide That Won't Teach You Anything   Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:09 pm

I trust you have all read the rules! Suspect (Don't bother, they're pointless!)
Note: I'm sorry for lack of NPC's and town names. We're under construction...

Now, Crimson Shield Academy is a school where you will be taught everything about being a Dragon Rider.

You also have the option of being whatever you want! (Mostly)

Before you jump into an RP, you must present your character. To do so, copy and paste the following template, fill it in and post it under a cool tittle (Such as Hi, I'm Bob! What a Face ) in the Presentations Board:

Appearance (hair colour, eye colour, etc):
Occupation (Student, Dragon, spy, etc):
Where you live (The Dorms, Pyre Hollow, etc):
A Brief Biography:

3 Dislikes:

Some Presenting Notes:

Like a Star @ heaven Your occupation will affect where you live.
Like a Star @ heaven Remember, your character can be more or less anyone you want. What a Face
Like a Star @ heaven If you decide to live in Town A, post in Town A. Unless you leave. There's always that.

If you have decided to be a student at the Academy, you're superior than everyone else. Kidding! As a student, you will have to complete assignments in various subject. So work hard, my young grasshoppers~ bounce
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The Beginner's Guide That Won't Teach You Anything
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